Why Spend Money on Science? NASA’s Contributions to Society

The Sceptical Prophet

Following a lively conversation on Facebook, sparked by the picture below, one of my friends suggested that someone weigh up the benefits of science to society in comparison to the benefits of military research. I figured I’d tackle the task, but as I am aware people don’t like reading long posts, I thought I’d just focus on one particular part of science. And believe me, the list would be long if I were to try it from every field of science. I doubt I’d even be able to finish it.

So the “part” of science I’m going to talk about is NASA. It’s just one organisation, and yet, NASA has contributed more to society than most people give it credit for. This post is largely inspired by the comment I hear a lot that goes roughly along the lines of “why spend money going into space when we have enough…

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Bristol leading Quantum Computing

the Link Larder

Just saw this really interesting article about the progress of QC. It looks like they are getting closer to be able to scale up to a useful and powerful method of factoring that would be both good in terms of the scope of super powerful computation and obviously bad for encryption in the future. The most awesome thing about this is that the reseach is being led out of Bristol Uni!!

The easy to understand article is here on New Scientist and the research paper is here.

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you can have more than four partions in your PC hard disk


one day one of my friend suprise to see more than four partions in my PC. But the real thing is you can have a  lot of partions in your internal hard drive depends only on the size of it. PC alllow to have only four primary primary partion partion which most of us   know only about them.but the thing is in each of this partion u can make it as an extended partion and have a lot of logical partions in it. do partion fast by click START and search for FDISK also u can use command line (cmd) by checking the following instruction click here

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